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"Lifting Solutions From 1 To 100 Tons"

Combilift is the worlds largest manufacturer or multi-directional forklifts and long load handling solutions. Since Combilift was established, it has sold more than 50,000 units in more than 85 countries.
No other manufacturer in the world can deliver the same level of customisation and adaptability, or cater so effectively to the diverse needs of every individual customer, whether their enterprise is large or small.
Combilift caters for every industry – contact us today to discuss your requirements…

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Combilift Multi Directional

The Combilift multi directional forklift range encompasses the benefits of a standard counterbalance forklift, side loader and very narrow aisle forklift in one single truck. In short, a complete material handling solution that is available in diesel, gas or electric.
Available Models
C-Series – Ideal for Long Loads – Capacities from 2,500kg to 25,000kg
Combi CB – Perfect for Palletised and Long Loads – Capacities from 2,500kg to 4,000kg
Combi MR – Perfect for Palletised and Long Loads – Capacity 2,500kg
Excellent All Round Visibility  All Wheel Drive  Indoor & Outdoor Capabilities

Combilift Side Loaders

Built to last and offering outstanding maneuverability, the Combilift range of sideloaders are available in capacities ranging from 2,500kg to 8,000kg. Stand on options are also available for very narrow aisle applications.
Available Models
Combi-SL – Multi Directional Side Loader Forklift – Capacities From 4,500kg to 6,000kg
Combi 4WSL – 4 Wheel Sideloader For Long Bulky Loads – Capacities From 5,000kg to 6,000kg
Combi-ST – Multi Directional Stand On Forklift – Capacities From 2,500kg to 4,000kg
Combi-GT – 4 Wheel Stand On Side Loader –Capacities From 2,500kg to 5,000kg
Ergonomic Cabin  Air Seat   Elevated Ground Clearance  Slip Differential

Combilift Straddle Carriers

Combilift’s range of straddle carriers and mobile gantry provide safe, efficient solutions for even the most extreme load handling situations. Distribution, shipping, aerospace, steel fabricators, wind turbines and precast concrete – there’s no load too large or heavy for these workhorses.
Available Models
Combi SC – Ideal for Containers & Oversized Loads – Capacities From 35,000kg to 100,000kg+
Combi MGIdeal for long and out of gauge loads – Capacity 40,000kg
Capacities Up To 150,000kg  Hydrostatic Drive  Semi-Rough Terrain Capable 

Combilift Container Loaders

The Combi-CSS Container Slip-Sheet is specifically designed for quickly loading freight containers up to 30,000kg.
A freight container can be fully loaded in under 6 minutes. The Combi-CSS is simple to operate and cost effective and makes loading a container faster and safer when handling rough sawn timber, panel products or flat packed furniture.
30,000kg Capacity  6 Minute Cycle Time    16,560mm Overall Length 
Suitable For 20/30/40ft Containers

Combi-WR Walkie Reach Stacker

The Combi-WR is the first purpose built pedestrian reach-stacker with the capability to operate in a VNA working aisle.


 Unique pedestrian walkie reach-stacker
 AC electric motor
 Electronic steering and fingertip controls for precise handling
 Works in a standard VNA working aisle, down to 2.1m
✓ Load capacities up to 1,450kg
 Lift heights up to 4,900mm

Combilift Poultry Products

The Combi-RT was specifically designed for the harsh working conditions of the poultry industry. However, with its robust construction and impressive handling abilities, it is a valuable tool for any agricultural application.
Three wheel manoeuvrability plus tractor grip tyres and all-wheel traction with differential lock deliver impressive performance working indoors and out, even on rough terrain.  A small turning circle makes it easy to work inside sheds or enclosed yards and fully hydrostatic drive delivers power and precision as and when you need it.
1,600kg Capacity  Diesel Engine  3 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive