Warrior Handling Equipment

In addition to the sale of forklifts, we are also pleased to offer the Warrior range of hand pallet trucks, forklift attachments and general material handling equipment. All products are fully compliant with European and ISO directives. 
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Warrior Fork Extensions

The WARRIOR range of fork extensions are a simple but effective way of lengthening your forks to handle longer loads safely without damaging the load. Manufactured from heavy duty steel channel they will fit on to forks up to 50mm thick. Steel retainers prevent the forks from sliding off.
We recommend that you check with the manufacturer of your lift truck its capabilities when lifting at a greater load centre.
Fork extensions should not exceed the length of fork to which they are fitted by more than 40%.
            Model                Extension Length (mm)            Suit Fork Width (mm)         Weight Per Pair (kg)        Price (Pair)
             WREX 604                                 1525mm                                                100mm                                               44kg                                £199 + VAT
             WREX 605                                 1525mm                                                125mm                                               49kg                                £209 + VAT
             WREX 724                                 1830mm                                                100mm                                               53kg                                £249 + VAT
             WREX 725                                 1830mm                                                125mm                                               59kg                                £289 + VAT
             WREX 726                                 1830mm                                                150mm                                               64kg                                £299 + VAT
             WREX 824                                 2085mm                                                100mm                                               60kg                                £309 + VAT
             WREX 825                                 2085mm                                                125mm                                               67kg                                £399 + VAT
             WREX 826                                 2085mm                                                150mm                                               70kg                                £439 + VAT
             WREX 944                                 2435mm                                                100mm                                               70kg                                £319 + VAT
             WREX 965                                 2435mm                                                125mm                                               79kg                                £399 + VAT
             WREX 966                                 2435mm                                                150mm                                               85kg                                £469 + VAT

Warrior Forklift Access Cage

For overhead access and maintenance with safety. Personnel guard to keep forklift at bay. Spring loaded inward opening door with safety latch. Slip resistant floor with drainage holes. Portable & easy to assemble. Folds away for storage. Conforms to Health & Safety Guidance note issue 3 PM28 and GN48 standard.
Model: WRNK30C
Capacity: 300kg
Deck Size: 1,000mm x 1,000mm
Overall Height: 2,180mm
Fork Spread: 600/900mm


 Price £565 + VAT 

Warrior Automatic Pallet Leveller

The WARRIOR Pallet Leveller is an ingenious self levelling lift table/work positioner which is now an  alternative to the only power free automatic pallet leveller on the market. Reduce your risk of a manual handling injury by using the WARRIOR Pallet Leveller which automatically positions the load to minimise musculoskeletal strains.
Power Source: None Required
Load Capacity: 200 to 2,000kg (3 or 4 Spring Combinations)
Max Load Dimensions: 1,422mm x 1,270mm x 1,829mm High
Closed Height: 230mm  Max Raised Height: 705mm 
Net Weight: 173kg
Watch It In Action Here
Price: £1,750 + VAT (Finance From £8.60 + VAT per week)
Levelling Feet Pictured Are Optional Extra – Please Contact Us Before Purchasing With Load Parameters

Warrior Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand operated pallet trucks, more commonly known as pallet trucks, pump trucks or sack barrows, are generally capable of lifting loads of up to 5000Kg.
The most common pallet trucks are for use with Euro pallets. These generally have an overall fork width of between 520 to 540mm and fork lengths between 1000 to 1220mm. Here in the UK we also use British Standard pallets, or 48 x 40 Chep pallets, and they require a pallet truck of 685mm in width to lift them.
Longlife Nylon or Polyurethane rollers
Longlife Nylon or polyurethane steer wheels
3 position trigger
Greasing points
Overload/Pressure relief valve
Sealed hydraulics and bearings
Lowered Fork Height – 85mm
Raised Fork Height – 200mm
Individual Fork Dimensions – 160 x 50mm
       Model                     Fork Dimensions (mm)                   Capacity (kg)                                  Rollers                       Price
  WR25S115SNN                                 1150 x 540                                                2,500                                                Single Nylon                 £289 + VAT
  WR25S100TNN                                 1000 x 540                                                2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £299 + VAT
  WR25S115TNN                                 1150 x 540                                                2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £299 + VAT
  WR25S122TNN                                 1220 x 540                                                2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £309 + VAT
  WR25L100TNN                                 1000 x 680                                                2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £319 + VAT
  WR25L115TNN                                 1150 x 680                                                2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £319 + VAT
  WR25L115TNN                                 1220 x 680                                                2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £319 + VAT
  WR25VS80TNN                                  800 x 450                                                 2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £369 + VAT
  WR25VS90TNN                                  900 x 450                                                 2,500                                              Tandem Nylon               £369 + VAT
  WR30S115TNN                                1150 x 540                                                 3,000                                              Tandem Nylon               £409 + VAT
  WR30L115TNN                                1150 x 680                                                 3,000                                              Tandem Nylon               £429 + VAT

Warrior Low Profile Pallet Truck

Manually operated and very easy to use, the 2000 kg capacity Low Profile Hand Pallet Truck is ideal for handling crates, American and Japanese pallets as well as standard pallets. The minimum lowered height is just 51 mm.
2000 kg maximum load capacity
Overload/pressure relief valve
Tandem rollers & Nylon steer wheels
Conforms to BS EN 1757-2:2001 & CE Marked
WRLOW51S – 1150mm x 540mm – £629 + VAT
WRLOW51L – 1150mm x 685mm – £679 + VAT

Warrior Galvanised Pallet Trucks

The specially manufactured Galvanised Semi Stainless Steel Pallet Truck is ideal for semi-wet environments such as dairy and fishing industries.
With a 2000 kg capacity, the truck is fitted with a chrome plated hydraulic lift ram and valve, plus a fully galvanised mainframe, wheel forks, brackets, push rods and handle. The steer wheels and tandem load rollers are long-life nylon.
WRZ20HL115TNN – 1150mm x 540mm – £515 + VAT
WRZ20HS115TNN – 1150mm x 685mm – £559 + VAT

Warrior Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

The Warrior range of specialist pallet trucks has been designed, developed and built to give outstanding long service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of lifting, manoeuvring, pallet handling etc. within industry and commerce. A sound long term investment. The Full Stainless Steel Pallet Truck is ideal for use with pharmaceutical, foods, saline, alkaline, acidic and other aggressive environments.


WRS20HS115TNN316 –  1,150mm x 685mm – £1,655 + VAT
WRS20HL115TNN316 – 1,150mm x 540mm – £1,655 + VAT

Warrior Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks

The Warrior Rough Terrain Pallet Truck is ideal for applications with undulating surfaces. Large pneumatic tyres wheels enable this unit to go where the conventional pallet truck will not go!
With a maximum load capacity of 1200 kg, an inside straddle width 1277 mm and fitted with adjustable forks, the Rough Terrain will handle most pallets and is perfect for use in garden centres, farmyards and on building sites.
WRTT12 – £1,050  + VAT

Warrior Extra Wide Pallet Truck

The Warrior range of extra wide pallet trucks has been designed, developed and built to give outstanding long service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of lifting, manoeuvring, pallet handling etc. within industry and commerce. A sound long term investment!
The trucks have a maximum load capacity of up to 2000 kg and are designed for use with non specific loads where a standard hand pallet truck will not suffice. Fork widths of 838mm and 1,000mm available.


WRW20ELWTNN – 1,220mm x 838mm – £ 1,125 + VAT
WRW20EEWTNN – 1,220mm x 1,000mm – £1,175 + VAT

Warrior Reel Cylinder Carrier

Specially manufactured Reel & Cylinder Carrier Trucks to satisfy applications handling textiles, cable drums, paper etc up to 2000kg. Due to the shape of the reels lifted various models are suited to different diameters.
If you have a selection of reel sizes check the model variations table carefully. As seated reels and rolls have a tendency to “belly down” please ensure the diameter is measured across the widest point, a failure to ascertain the maximum diameter of the given reel will end up with the incorrect reel lifter being ordered.
WR20R500 (Reel Size 400mm x 600mm) – £870 + VAT
WR20R700 (Reel Size 600mm x 800mm) – £885 + VAT
WR20R1000 (Reel Size 1,200mm x 600mm) – £995 + VAT


Please note, finance is only available for incorporated companies and is subject to status and approval. A deposit may be required.

Warrior Workhorse Pallet Trucks

Manually operated and very easy to use, our 5000Kg Super Heavy Duty Pallet Truck is ideal where load applications are far greater than the remit of a standard pallet truck.
Not only useful for lifting heavy pallets but other weighty items as well, such as plant and machinery.


WR50S – £1,295 + VAT