Forklift Truck Service and Repair

In addition to the sale of forklift trucks, we also provide a wide range of additional services that truly make us your one stop partner for forklift trucks and material handling equipment:

Service & Repair

We offer a wide range of servicing and repair options including:
 On site servicing and breakdown service
 Scheduled maintenance packages (monthly and quarterly)
 Hydraulic hose replacement
 Engine rebuilds and refurbishments
 Transmission servicing and rebuilds
 Total forklift refurbishment
 Small plant service and repair
With highly competitive rates and experienced engineers, we’re always ready and willing to assist. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

Cosmetic Refurbishment

We also specialize in forklift cosmetic refurbishments. We can provide a new lease of life into scruffy and tired machinery and make them look as good as new again.
Having a nicely painted forklift not only enhances your corporate image, it also encourages operators to take better care of the forklift – therefore it also protects your investment and increases the longevity of your machine.
We can undertake refurbishments from start to finish including preparation, priming, topcoat and decals. We can either paint in the manufacturers standard colours or your own custom colours.
We can paint any of our own forklifts to our customers requirements as well as handling refurbishments for non-customers.





Thorough Examination

We are a CFTS accredited company which allows us to conduct Thorough Examinations (which is roughly similar to an MOT on a car) on forklifts of all sizes.
Forklifts are subject to both LOLER 98 (Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations) which focuses on the lifting parts of a forklift and also PUWER 98 (Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations).
A Certificate of Thorough Examination is the only certification in existence that covers both LOLER 98 and PUWER 98. A forklift requires a Certificate of Thorough Examination at least once every 12 months in order to stay on the right side of the law. More regular inspection intervals may be required depending on the type of forklift, application and usage.

Forklift Parts

We are able to supply parts for most makes and models of forklifts, engines and construction equipment.
Be it engine parts, transmission parts, hydraulic parts, chains, electrical parts – we have access to a fully comprehensive stock of parts.
All we need is the model number, serial number and the parts required and we can provide you with a competitive quote. In most instances, we can supply parts to you by the next day.